GE HEALTHCARE to move part of their production to LKPP

2 July 2018 22:00

For more than 20 years we’ve been producing components for GE Healthcare’s medical laboratory equipment and therefore due to our extensive knowledge of their products they’ve decided to move the production of rotors for their ventilation system for enzyme production (ÄKTA Pure) to LKPP.

It concerns a small part of a material by the name PEEK and due to our experience, we are able to deliver components with a margin of error of only 200 PPM (the maximum PPM for GE’s components is 20 000).

This is fantastic for us, GE Healthcare is our second largest client and we’re now furthering our relationship even more. This type of advanced production suits us perfectly and strengthens our role as a supplier, says Mathias Johansson, CEO at LK Precision Parts.

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